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In this episode, Yanique speaks with Duane Hall, singer, poet, event coordinator and founding member of the arts & culture social enterprise, Spoke N' Heard. Spoke N’ Heard describes themselves as a collective of artists, entrepreneurs and social innovators, united by our passion for social change and community empowerment, with a focus on the holistic progression of humanity through the arts. The organization was founded by Jordon Veira as a 17 year old high school student and poet. Veira had wanted to organize a poetry show, and began with an event called Love and Heartbreak. The show was the first of Spoke N Heard’s inter-arts performances, combining poetry and visual arts - they’ve since expanded their shows by incorporating music and other art forms. A year after the inaugural show, Spoke N Heard launched the education branch of their organization, providing poetry workshops at high schools, and ongoing programs at community centres. Their next objective is to provide a platform for independent artists in the city of Toronto to thrive. 

2:45 - On the history of Spoke N Heard
9:30 - On mental ‘red-tape’ and systemic barriers
18:00 - On changing the system and reinvesting into marginalized communities
22:00 - On re-positioning anti-oppressive work as pro-liberation work and community healing
25:00 - Duane’s vision for society, self-actualization, and social enterprise
30:10 - Shoutouts to other social enterprises who are doing great work
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<![CDATA[EP. 002 - Cambio Market]]>Sat, 22 Oct 2016 19:12:05 GMThttp://socent6ix.com/socent6ix-blog-242063/ep-002-cambio-market
In this episode, Yanique B speaks with the co-founders of Cambio Market, Gelaine Santiago and Jérôme Gagnon-Voyer.
Cambio Market is an e-commerce store whose mission is “to change the way people shop”, selling ethically sourced products from socially responsible businesses.
Gelaine and Jérôme met through A.I.E.S.E.C, a not-for-profit student organization where their passion for social entrepreneurship began. Together, they travelled to the Philippines in 2012 to visit Gelaine’s family, and discovered an incredibly vibrant scene of social entreprises. These organizations were doing innovative work, but lacked an online presence and awareness at large.
Gelaine and Jérôme began a website called Choose Social, to promote the work being done by these social enterprises in the Philippines, and the site saw a lot of success.
Their website created a great demand for the enterprises and products they featured, in the North American market. They began building awareness with online marketing strategies, and more recently have been selling products at flea markets and pop-up markets in Toronto to get to know their customers and other local entrepreneurs better.

Cambio Market organizes a monthly meetup called Social Entrepreneurs of Toronto, an incredible opportunity to network with other socially conscious entrepreneurs. You can join the group’s mailing list

6:31 - On the value of connecting with other social entrepreneurs in person
8:45 - On the mentors and organizations that have provided guidance and support  
10:15 - On Tony Meloto, and his vision for the Philippines
16:54 - On next steps/scaling up for Cambio Market
21:30 - On spreading the message of ethical buying
27:50 - On their vision for society and commerce
30:20 - A couple nods to other social enterprises who are doing great work